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VB Decompiler

VB Decompiler is the best tool for decompiling programs written in Visual Basic. You can easily recover fragments of your lost project...


DotFix NiceProtect

NiceProtect is an excellent software protector that adds external protection to your applications (with obfuscation and code virtualization).


VB AntiCrack

VB AntiCrack protects all strings in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 source code. It helps to avoid cracking using the string references to analyze a program.....


DotFix LiteProtect

DotFix LiteProtect is a software protector that use a number of anti-unpacking features. it's virtually impossible to unpack the protected program...


Welcome to the DOTFIX Software official website!

We've been developing advanced reverse engineering and code analyzing tools for more than a decade. Our products have won the recognition of many programmers around the world. Making handy, easy-to-use, high-performance decompilers and code analyzers is our core competence. Thanks to our products, major antivirus vendors can analyze malicious code and promptly respond to malware threats. A great number of small software developers are grateful to us for the opportunity to recover the development code of their long-term projects accidentally lost due to a hard drive failure, malware attack, etc.

Now our main focus is to develop VB Decompiler, a decompiler for all existing Visual Basic applications that supports Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 (including P-Code and Native Code) and Visual Basic .NET (MSIL code disassembling is already supported). For our internal purposes, we are also working on a decompiler for Delphi and Free Pascal applications.

It is logical to assume that we have used our impressive experience in reverse engineering to develop a number of tools for protecting program code from reverse engineering and cracking. Alas, almost anything that is available for the antivirus industry or bona fide programmers, can be used by bad guys, too. To help the good guys, we have developed a few state-of-the-art solutions to protect programs from unwanted analyzing or cracking.

We offer you DotFix NiceProtect - a unique software protection platform for obfuscating (protecting from decompiling) the internal structure of your Delphi or Visual Basic applications. This software protector has been very popular among software developers for some years because it is a great tool that doesn't have any strong rivals.
The reason for the lack of competition is very simple: To make a good obfuscator, you need to be able to check the program file for any parts that allow the attacker to decompile it, and to modify them in such a way that decompiling the program becomes unfeasible. But you can do it only if you have a decompiler for every compiler and every programming language!
Understandably, it is unlikely that protector developers would want to spend years on creating such a software protection platform. As for us, each of our decompilers is just another project, and we successfully use our research results in other areas, too.

With any software tool, we provide one year of free technical support, plus the opportunity to renew support at a discounted fee. We have flexible pricing policies intended for different categories of customers, from home users who use our products for educational purposes to corporate customers who make our solutions part of their business processes.

We are always happy to have long-term relations with our customers!

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